TV Pilot
(A Mockuseries)
A clean cut, non Spanish speaking, all American Latin Actor, hilariously struggles to fit into the stereotypes of Hollywood while dealing with his alcoholic manager, sex addicted agent, dysfunctional family, gay manic depressive landlord, crazy friends and bad dates.

A Loosely Scripted Improv Comedy Docuseries
Based on the real life experiences of Paul Cruz

"Paul Cruz: Latin Actor (A Mockuseries)" is a pilot with a presentation reel available of 3 hilarious episodes taken from a 13 episode show outline. Filled with hilarious situations stemming from real life experiences as well as fictional, original ideas, dealing with what it's like to be an "ethnic actor" in Hollywood today.

(The TV Show - is the Latin version of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' meets 'Fat Actress.'....A gritty, sillier "Entourage.")